Just Give Me 15 Minutes

You know how busy life can be. Kids. Pets. Contracts. Clients. It’s a lot to juggle.

I used to dream about taking an hour for myself each day. Seriously? When might that hour be? At dawn? Lunch? ROFL. Dinner? Let’s be real. That hour is going to be at 2 am, if it pops up at all.

It occurred to me that in the same way that studies have shown that even 15 minutes of walking is good for you, 15 minutes to myself might go a long way to maintaining my productivity – and sanity. But not just any 15 minutes will do. They have to be 15 uncomplicated minutes.

So where does one find 15 uncomplicated minutes in the midst of a complicated day? Does it require hiding in the closet with your Twizzlers? Locking yourself in the bathroom and stuffing a towel under the door? Turning off the ringer on the phone? I think the simple answer to that is that it depends.

The first day, I tried to prepare for those 15 minutes – but that made it complicated before they even began. The next day, I decided to make a snack. Just a simple snack – and then eat it while I sat looking out the window. The third day was a crazy-day; the kind of day that happens in the summer when everyone is around and all their schedules are jumbled. That third day, I opted for a cup of hot tea while I sat at my desk and did nothing.

I think the key to being uncomplicated is to relish that time. If you’re a WriterMom, you know that there are going to be interruptions. You know you have to have a way that you can take whatever bit of time presents itself to get right to work on a project. The thing is, you also have to have a way to get into your head – your own head, by your own self – for a bit of time each day… So how about 15 minutes?

I promise it will be worth it!

~ Gina




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