Working from Home

Home Office. There’s a lovely ring to that phrase, isn’t there? You work – not just from home – but from your office in the said home. Short commute. Work in your pjs. The coffee maker is right down the hall. What could be more? Continue reading

Grown Kids

I’ve always written-from-home. Basically, that means that I’ve chosen to write amidst chaos. (Then again, a newsroom hardly looks conducive to introspection.) I wanted the flexibility that came with setting my hours and picking the tempo – as much as possible – of my work commitments. Continue reading

Kid-Friendly Work-Time

There are some ages where your kids need constant supervision. There are some ages where you can keep an eye on them from the other room. Some ages afford the luxury of being out of hearing range for periods of time. Whatever the configuration of your crew, there are things you can do to make it sort of fun for them when you’re working. 
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Work Much?

One of the toughest parts of being a WriterMom with young kids was figuring out how to get my work done. Here are some of the things that worked best for me.

When do you work?

I could wait until nap time, but with more than one kid, even nap time for one was play time for another. I could wait until all the kids were asleep, but with three kids by the Continue reading


We know the plaintive tone. We know the intonation. We know we have a kid who is sick. Could be strep – how horrible are we to hope it’s something an antibiotic can clear up quickly. Could be a virus – (we weep with you). If it’s a teen, it could be the dreaded mono.

I have a kid with mono. I had it myself, so I know just how miserable and enervated he feels. I know just how much he’d like to crawl into a deep, dark hole and emerge in a few months, energized and refreshed. I also know that will happen – but not for several weeks.

16511534 - k boy with high fever lying on the sofa

There is no possible reason I can’t do my writing because my teen is sick. I can bring him water and soup and whatever else he requires. I can come as soon as he calls for me. The trouble is, he looks so pathetic. It’s tugging on my attention. Sort of like when he didn’t feel well when he was younger and he’d tug on my shirt.

Are you WriterMoms feeling this?